Dr. Salvador Congost

Back in 1990, Dr. Salvador Congost got to know the American dentist and biologist Robert Lee, DMD, in the course of his postgraduate education. Dr. Congost was immediately impressed and won over by Lee’s comprehensive, biologically-oriented view of the function of the masticatory system, which extends far beyond what was taught at universities then and still is today.

Understanding the masticatory system as a separate, highly sensitive biofunctional organ that exists in equilibrium with the rest of the body opens up a wide range of possible diagnoses and treatments for functional disorders.

Inspired by Lee’s approach, Dr. Congost decided to focus his dental activities on the functional rehabilitation of the masticatory system and on restorative dentistry. A specialism of this kind was highly innovative and unusual at the time.

To provide colleagues and dental technicians with sound, structured training in functional dentistry, Dr. Congost began to develop a training curriculum in 1998 in partnership with Orognathic Bioesthetics International (the precursor to today’s OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry) based in Oregon. Together with Dr. Norbert Gehrig, he founded O.B.I. Europe the same year.

Ever since then, Dr. Congost has been one of the few specialists in this field in Germany and Europe, and an internationally-sought speaker for lectures and dental workshops.

Originally from Munich, Dr. Congost has had his own practice specializing in restorative dentistry and masticatory function in Kinsau, Bavaria, since 1988.

He is

  • a member and former board member of the Kempten Dental Workgroup (“Zahnärztlicher Arbeitskreis Kempten e.V.”)
  • a member of the German Society for Stomatology (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn- Mund- und Kieferheilkunde”, DGZMK)
  • a member of the German Society of Craniomandibular Function and Disorders (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Funktionsdiagnostik und –therapie”, DGFDT)
  • a founding member of the European Dental Association (EDA)
  • a member of the Academy of Bioesthetic Dentistry (ABD), USA


Dr. Congost has been

  • awarded the “Certificate of Achievement in Bioesthetic Rehabilitation LIV” by Orognathic Bioesthetics International
  • recognized as a “specialist in reconstructive dentistry, esthetics and function” by the EDA

1977-1983 Studied dentistry at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

1983-1988 Worked as an assistant dentist in various practices