Our principles

The highest quality dental care, characterized by dedication and precision. Because your health demands nothing less.

As well as providing patients with high-quality general dental care, our practice also specializes in comprehensive functional rehabilitation of the masticatory system. Thanks to our high degree of specialization, our outstanding craftsmanship and technical precision, and our rigorous prophylactic care, we guarantee our patients functional health, exceptional longevity and excellent esthetics in every aspect of their masticatory systems.

Based on scientific insights as well as empirical findings, we see the masticatory system as a separate, highly sensitive biofunctional organ that exists in equilibrium with the rest of the body. As such, our approach to it goes far beyond mere symptom-oriented reparative dentistry. We care deeply about providing our patients – especially those with symptoms of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) – with treatment that addresses the causes of their symptoms and delivers lasting results.

The main principle our approach is based on is the consistent application of the biofunctional treatment concept developed in the U.S., which we have many years of experience with. We have also built up a longstanding professional network of recognized specialists from different areas of dentistry, dental technology and osteopathy, giving us access to treatments that meet the very highest standards of dentistry. We will dedicate ourselves to your treatment with experience, precision and passion.

Since our practice was founded in 1988, we’ve lived up to the high standards we set ourselves again and again: Our patients come from both Germany and abroad, and we’re delighted to count many fellow dentists among them.

It goes without saying that we treat publicly and privately insured patients equally.