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 These patients describe their original complaints, their treatment by Dr. Congost, and how they’re doing now.


Patient reviews (taken from jameda.de)


A stroke of luck for me

The treatment in the dental practice of Dr. Congost was a stroke of luck for me.

It began more than thirty years ago with pain in my back, neck and head as a result of a severe scoliosis that I suffered from. About twenty years ago, deformed jaw joints and a “wrong” bite became apparent at a dental consultation. To correct this problem I received a splint

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followed by an adjustment to the height of the teeth, particularly to the posterior theeth.

The following years brought migraine, facial pain, pain in the shoulders, arms and legs, also pain during chewing, and finally dizziness and tinnitus.  After changing to the next dentist I received a DIR-splint that reduced the pain somewhat but did not stabilize my bite. Three years and two dentists later the level of pain was still unacceptable, even though I was in a continuous splint-therapy, so I decided to begin a part time inpatient treatment for the pain. There, by a fortunate coincidence, the dental practice of Dr. Congost was recommended to me.

At Dr. Congost’s practice they adjusted a MAGO-splint according to the exact bite-registration. Compared with my previous splints, this splint was positioned at the upper jaw, so that the lower jaw could rest in a position that provided relief, which I immediately felt was beneficial. Moreover, the MAGO-splint is solid enough for chewing and also provides relief while eating.

During several months the MAGO-splint was meticulously adjusted and step by step my disorders decreased. By the time the jaw had settled into a stabile position, I made the decision to opt for a permanent correction to the position of my teeth. 

It started with a year of orthodontics, followed by another MAGO-splint-therapy. Then I received long-term provisionals, and finally came the permanent restauration of the teeth. Altogether it took about five years (including a one-year delay because of the health insurance), which is not long in consideration of the extensive history of my dental problems. And the results could not have been better: my disorders have disappeared almost completely, I can chew remarkably well, and the teeth all look quite natural.  


A dentist of unparalleled expertise with a highly professional practice team

A friend who was a dental technician recommended I consult Dr. Congost in 2012. My anterior and posterior teeth were worn down, and my facial, masticatory and neck musculature was very tense, leaving me with near-chronic pain in my entire jaw, head and neck area.

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I initially balked at the proposed treatment due to its complexity, duration and cost. As well as Dr. Congost’s compelling recommendation, the fact that my muscle tension and the pain in my front teeth, jaw muscles and temporomandibular joints began to decrease after just a few days of MAGO splint therapy convinced me to go ahead with the treatment. The migraine-like headaches I’d been intermittently experiencing for years also disappeared after a few months of wearing the MAGO splint. Once I received the long-term temporary restorations, biting and chewing immediately felt totally different. Dr. Congost prepared the final teeth shapes and positions with meticulous and unrivaled accuracy; I had never before encountered a dentist who invests so much time and patience. After two and a half years of treatment, the result is more than professional – it combines perfect reconstruction of all of my teeth with appealing natural esthetics and longevity. The whole practice team was friendly, professional and highly attentive, making the whole treatment experience an excellent all-round package. All in all, I can only recommend this treatment. The only thing I could wish for is that health insurers would cover more of the costs of such a superlative treatment that delivers such good results for patients. Thank you very much to Dr. Congost and his entire practice team!

An outstanding doctor with a professional practice team

A dentist referred me to Dr. Congost as my case was “too niche” for him (this dentist was himself a specialist in his field). My teeth had been through a lot in the past (braces, abrasion, acid damage, malocclusion...), leaving them very worn and abraded. I found chewing painful as I had no enamel left, and my misaligned bite gave me headaches and tinnitus.

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Dr. Congost totally reconstructed my teeth, based on the correct position of the temporomandibular joints. I wore a MAGO splint for a year, which required a lot of patience. But although the treatment took a long time (around two and a half years in total), it was more than worth it – my bite is now perfect, I have no pain anymore, and the fact my teeth now look perfect too is merely a bonus.

Dr. Congost always works exceedingly conscientiously and with great concentration, I had complete trust in him throughout. He and his team were always very friendly, warm and extremely helpful. I’d especially like to thank Ms. K., without whom I would have struggled to manage all the red tape (needed for supplementary dental insurance). I can recommend a consultation with Dr. Congost to anyone, with complete conviction! Thank you very much again.

An outstanding overall concept

I came to Dr. Congost with a misaligned jaw, a deep bite and worn-down front teeth. The treatment included jaw alignment with a MAGO splint, a dental implant, redoing inadequate past root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment, and being fitted with crowns and veneers. After four years of treatment, my teeth function perfectly and look excellent. I’m more than satisfied.

A top doctor

Before I came to Dr. Congost, I had searched for two and a half years for a doctor in Germany or Switzerland who could remedy my complaint, to no avail. Dr. Congost was the only doctor able to solve my problem. He has developed a well thought-out overall concept and takes a coordinated approach to treatment (orthodontic and surgical).

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His exceedingly precise way of working (tooth shapes, centric relation of the TMJs), which is time-consuming but necessary, has given me a pain-free life and a splint-free future. He’s one of the most professionally and personally outstanding doctors I know.

Excellent professional treatment

  • I was referred to Dr. Congost by my previous dentist.
  • I had had problems with my bite/misalignment for many years, leading to various other symptoms (such as frequent unilateral headaches, TMJ pain, tense back muscles, and even numbness in my feet)..
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After a lot of investigations (neurological, orthopedic etc.), other doctors had already determined that the problem was related to my bite. For a while and as a temporary solution, I was able to considerably reduce my various complaints by wearing an occlusal splint, which already included a permanent bite plane. But the incorrect position of the bite plane led to greater misalignment and to my complaints worsening, and in particular, to TMJ problems. So the aim was to attain a correct bite permanently.

I have now successfully completed the following treatment (over several years):

  • A removable temporary (acrylic) splint, which was modified step by step to determine the relaxing, correct, healthy position of the temporomandibular joints and the bite plane, (over several months – but even at this stage, I could get a feel for how lasting the treatment was going to be).
  • During this time, I was prescribed additional physiotherapy as part of the treatment.
  • I then received temporary restorations which replaced the splint.
  • After several months, I decided to have the (composite) temporary restorations replaced with permanent ceramic ones so that I would have a lasting solution.

I’m very satisfied with the solution, as the many complaints I had before are now all gone. The high costs are a disadvantage, as unfortunately, health insurers don’t cover much of them.

I found the work of Dr. Congost and his team (dental technicians, colleagues) very professional and trust-inspiring, and I can only recommend him and his treatment method to those with similar complaints..

Outstanding quality. One of the few who really informs his patients.

After a few "misfires" with other dentists, I can say that Dr. Congost is really top-class by comparison – in the sense that he informs his patients in detail and endeavors to solve ALL the problems present in the mouth. As such, you really feel you can trust him. A few acquaintances and relatives have also been very satisfied with their treatment by Dr. Congost. I’d definitely recommend him.

A great colleague

I visited Dr. Congost’s practice on a colleague’s recommendation. Recurring spinal problems, very worn-down teeth and cervical tooth damage had been bothering me for a long time. His was the first sound medical advice I received; most of all, until that point I hadn’t been aware of the interconnections between the masticatory system and overall body posture.

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I found Dr. Congost’s proposed treatment compelling, and I started with the MAGO splint therapy he recommended. I saw the first results really quickly: my back stabilized, and the back pain and tension I’d been experiencing diminished more and more.

Once the MAGO treatment was complete, my teeth were painstakingly reconstructed in relation to the temporomandibular joint, replacing the MAGO splint. The reconstruction was carried out with dental workmanship of the highest precision, characterized by true finesse. The epitome of professional dental work – without strident marketing! The result was impressive: a perfect occlusion and unbeatable aesthetics.

No-one should miss out on this experience. It’s a great treatment concept, but you have to stick with it. And as a dentist myself, I know what I’m talking about.

I was also impressed by his practice team – all highly professional, obliging and empathetic. It’s a dental practice you feel well cared-for in.

A dentist of the utmost professionalism

I’m from South Tyrol in Italy, near the Austrian border. In 2005, I had TMJ pain and could no longer open my mouth properly; my teeth weren’t biting together correctly. The University Hospital in Innsbruck diagnosed me but couldn’t help.

An Austrian orthodontist referred me to Dr. Salvador Congost in Kinsau – thank goodness. It was like winning the lottery!

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The treatment took a long time and was planned right through from the start (various splints, orthodontic treatment, then reconstruction of the correct bite based on the TMJ through reshaping the teeth). The result: I no longer have any temporomandibular joint pain, my bite is perfect, and chewing feels totally different – the fact my teeth now look fantastic too is merely a bonus. Thanks to Dr. Congost, I got my quality of life back.


After seeing at least 5 dentists who all had totally different professional opinions, I ended up at Dr. Congost’s, where for the first time, I had the sense that I was seeing someone who really knew what they were talking about and that I was receiving good advice.  

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He takes plenty of time and doesn’t rush into any quick-fix treatments – and the results speak for themselves. Patients are also granted a say and are able to decide (to the extent possible) what the best course of action is for them in the given situation. I’ve now been seeing Dr. Congost for some time (for cavities, fillings, a dead tooth, and prophylaxis) and am totally satisfied.

I can only warmly recommend him!

A highly professional dentist with excellent up-to-the-minute expertise

I came to Dr. Congost with a hopelessly misaligned jaw that surgery was no longer able to correct. I couldn’t open my mouth properly and could no longer eat certain things etc. Due to the level of damage to my gums, teeth and temporomandibular joints, the treatment was very complex and took 5 years, including brackets and reconstruction.

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At first, I didn’t believe someone would ever be able to accomplish it – but now I have a perfect bite and jaw position, with no more clicking sounds, no pain, just as if it had always been like that. The whole time, Dr. Congost treated me fantastically and with the most advanced dental techniques available. He and his practice team were always incredibly friendly and helpful. I had complete trust in him throughout, and the success of the treatment speaks for itself. I’m very thankful to him for his work.

A results-oriented doctor who takes time for his patients – highly recommended

After almost 5 years of treatment (orthodontic treatment, implants and TMJ adjustment), my “new” teeth now work perfectly and look perfect. I never had the feeling that I had a totally new bite, and there was never an adjustment period where I had to get used to them – it was just like they’d always been like that.

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The only “limitation” is that to attain this great result, you have to invest a lot of time – it’s not a quick fix – but I see that as a mark of quality. I found the treatment very professional, from the consultations and the explanations provided (which were understandable to laypersons) to the procedures themselves.

I’d like to thank the whole team too: they were always extremely friendly and attentive, without exception. Thank you very much – I can only recommend your practice!

A very well thought-out and lasting treatment concept, perfect work

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Congost for several years. Some time ago, I had major jaw problems and chewing problems with considerable tooth abrasion due to a TMD.

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After orthodontic treatment with fixed braces (lasting around two years), Dr. Congost was able to restore my teeth to their natural shapes using bioesthetic dentistry, thereby creating a harmoniously functioning masticatory system. Since then, all my jaw problems have disappeared – my teeth have the correct natural shapes and my masticatory function is back as it should be.

A true specialist and a nice dentist, highly recommend

I’m from Italy and my orthodontist in Parma referred me to Dr. Congost because I had a bite problem and very worn-down teeth.

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Since the treatment, I no longer have any complaint – my bite is in perfect harmony with my temporomandibular joints, and the result looks great (my teeth are so natural!). Dr. Congost carries out perfect work, with a lot of patience and without worrying about lost time. I recommend this treatment to everyone!

The most precise treatment concept with the most lasting result

This treatment concept is the most precise and lasting one I’ve come across. No other dentist was able to guarantee me a splint-free life – which is what I have now. I’ve been free from complaint and splint-free for 18 months. My teeth and temporomandibular joints are in perfect harmony.

A perfectionist who still takes the time to do good work

Dr. Congost isn’t the right choice for patients who just want a quick fix to get rid of the pain. I came to him with totally abraded teeth. His diagnosis was that, for years, my bite had been misaligned with the geometry of my temporomandibular joints.

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Since my complete restoration, I have now had no complaints for several years, and I have esthetically appealing natural teeth – just like a young person!

The best dentist we’ve encountered.

Dr. Congost and his team are the best available! And we’ve been to a lot of dental practices. If someone has problems that their dentist isn’t able to solve, they should come to Dr. Congost.